Thursday, November 26, 2009

Location of the "real" Mt. Sinai (Horeb)

The traditional location of Mt. Sinai in the desert of the Sinai peninsula may not be correct. That would have meant the infamous Red Sea crossing of Moses and the Israelites would have been across the Gulf of Suez. But the Israelites were fleeing Egypt and the Sinai peninsula was part of Egypt at the time. The real crossing may have been at the Gulf of Aqaba instead.

When Moses left Egypt after killing an Egyptian taskmaster, he fled to Midian. (Exo 2:15) It was in Midian that Moses had his first encounter with God on Horeb. (Exo 3:1; 4:19) Midian (or Madian) is in the northwestern corner of Saudi Arabia!

After gathering the Israelites, Moses returned with them to the place where he met God as instructed in Exodus 3:12 and as evidenced by his reunion with his wife, Zipporah, his two sons Gershom and Eliezer, and his father-in-law, Jethro. (Exo 18:1-5) The recounting of the story of Moses in Acts 7:29-38 reinforces the Saudi Arabian location of Midian and Horeb.

Ron Wyatt and his sons slipped into Saudi Arabia to see for themselves if this was the true location of Mt. Sinai.

Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke retraced the original Exodus from Egypt to Mt. Sinai again winding up in Saudi Arabia!

Jim and Penny Caldwell present their discoveries in Midian



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