Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christ was never in Christmas in the first place! What?!

Many Christians have celebrated Christmas since they were children and the rich traditions live on and are anticipated as a time of togetherness, family warmth, and all around good cheer. Many have come to love the change of heart displayed by many people toward their fellow man as they are imbued with the "Christmas spirit".

Others, however, have become disillusioned with the crass commercialism, greed and drunken revelry that is rife during this season. The hustle bustle of running to and fro purchasing just the right gifts, decorating and preparing the home for the little ones too often is met with a post-Christmas crash like coming off a sugar high.

That gift that seemed so special at the time of purchase and was maybe just a little more expensive than planned but purchased anyway "because, well, it's Christmas", was greeted with a hearty, "Gee thanks", and set aside in favor of some other plastic pleasure. What Christmas has become is not what many of us remember from our youth. Maybe there's a reason for that. Maybe as we've become the adults that have to pay the credit card bill in January we're experiencing the same disheartening disenchantment our parents experienced but never expressed. Maybe Christmas isn't what we thought it was at all.

I won't bother delineating all the structured arguments about the pagan Saturnalia or Mithraic origins of this holiday or about how Christ really isn't the reason for the season. Most of you don't want to hear it anyway and if you really wanted to know you could research it for yourself. You might suspect though, deep down that there's truth here. Maybe you don't want to delve into it because it might cause you to be faced with an unpopular decision. After all, isn't it for the children anyway? What does it really matter as long as our heart's in the right place? As long as we 'say' we're honoring Jesus, isn't that what really counts?

Let me ask you a question. If you 'say' you love and honor your wife but your actions prove otherwise, do you think she still believes you? If you 'say' you love and honor Christ but your actions follow pagan rituals, do you think He still believes you?

I suspect most of you have heard enough and will click over to something more interesting or something more in keeping with your traditions and that's fine. But if you've ever wondered why you still have that empty feeling inside after all the hype and fervor are over, here are a few resources that present a different view of Christmas and why thousands of Christians don't celebrate it.



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