Sunday, September 27, 2009

Videos of Truth

The Forgotten Commandment
God gave the Ten Commandments. But is there one in particular most people have forgotten?

Prophecy and Survival
Bible prophecy warns of coming catastrophic end-time events. Will you be able to survive?

The Return of Jesus Christ
No Christian belief has created such speculation and drama. What did Jesus Himself teach about His own second coming?

Jesus Misquoted
Some people misuse a statement Christ made about judging others to promote fully opposite ideas. Impossible? Discover the truth!
Armageddon in Your Lifetime
Will the world end with one last confrontation between massive armies? If so, will it happen soon?

New Age, Old Hoax
There is a New Age coming, but not as a result of some inner awakening or a higher consciousness. Learn the surprising truth!

How the Christian World Has Been Deceived (part 1)
Should Christians believe the whole bible or just the parts they like?

Birthright Sceptre
Which nation received the birthright promised to Abraham and which one received the sceptre?

Is 2012 the End of the World?
Movies, books and websites are fanning the 2012 disaster craze. Should you be troubled? Learn the important truth!

End of Empires
History proves all nations and empires eventually collapse and fail. But a government is coming that will never fail! Learn more!

Restoring The True Teachings of the Bible (Part 1)
What does the Bible really say?

Which Day is the True Christian Sabbath? (Part 1)
Is Sunday really the "Lord's Day"?
The Rapture: Fact or Fiction?
Why do many people believe a doctrine that has no biblical validity? Isn't it time you learned the real truth?

Getting Control of Your Money
How can you best handle the anxiety of financial troubles? Tune in to learn how from a surprising yet wise source.

Europe: A New Superpower on the Rise
What does Europe and biblical prophecy have to do with your future? Much! Don't miss this critical information.

God's Love Language
God loves you and wants you to love Him in return. But just how should you go about doing so? Uncover the answer.


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