Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Father's Loving Instruction for a Happy Life

What father doesn't want the best for his kids? In addition to providing for them, we try to instill in them some of the wisdom we've learned over the years and give them the benefit of our experience so they don't have to go through what we did to learn the hard lessons of life. If we can just get them to listen to us and do what we tell them, their life will be so much easier and they'll be happier as a result. Here are a few things I've learned over the years and maybe even heard from my father that I hope to impart to my children before I go, sort of a list of rules to live by.
3 I am your father and as such a certain degree of respect goes with the office. Show respect for me. You may not like me at times but you will respect me. Do not be disrespectful. I brought you into this world and I can take you out or at least make your life miserable.

4-6 Don't go gaga over the latest 'hot' public figure that comes along. Musicians, actors and athletes are just people. Don't go making them into something they're not. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do.

7 Do not disrespect the family name or do anything to bring shame on this family. I've worked too hard to make a name that people trust to have you go and mess it up. Don't ever let me hear of you speaking disrespectfully about me either, or calling me names behind my back. It will get back to me sooner or later.

8-11 Work hard and don't be lazy, but keep it in balance. In fact, I want you to come over to the house every Saturday and spend time with me. We'll talk and have fun. I'll show you how to do things and teach you how to make it in this world. I work hard but I always take time out for my family.

12 Respect your elders, especially your mother and me. Be nice to Grandma and Grandpa too no matter how many times you've heard their stories before. Make them proud of you and don't do anything to bring shame on their family name.

15 Don't take anything that's not yours. If you haven't earned, it's not worth it.

13 And whatever you do don't lose your temper and do something stupid like kill somebody and wind up in jail. Keep your cool and either work out your differences or just walk away. If someone does you wrong don't let hate eat at you. Hate only hurts you, not them.

14 Don't go chasing after every little tart that bats her eyelashes at you. Find you a nice girl like your mother from a good background. Those party girls are only around when times are good and aren't worth 2 cents when times get tough. Once you find the one you like, treat her with respect and don't do anything to dishonor her. (this goes for daughters too regarding guys)

16 Be honest with people and don't lie. You're only as good as your word and your word is your bond. And don't get caught up in rumors and gossip. Most of it isn't true and the rest of it is none of your business.

17 Don't waste your time and money trying to keep up with the Joneses. You don't need to be spending money you don't have trying to impress people you don't even like. Chances are they're just as broke as you are, maybe more. The best things in life aren't things anyway.

Well, that's my list as I see it. I know I haven't always lived up to it myself. I'm still struggling against my human nature and trying to overcome my faults and do better too. Please don't judge the value of my list by my failures.

Oh, are you wondering what those numbers are in bold along the left side of the page? They are not errant characters from a faulty keyboard. Go get your bible and open it to Exodus chapter 20. You see, our Heavenly Father gave us a list of rules to live by too, that it may be well with us. Those numbers correspond to the verses in Exodus chapter 20. He told us that if we would obey and live by these rules our lives would be richly blessed but if we chose to depart from them, our lives would be filled with heartache and grief. My prayer is that each of you would choose to live by those rules that it may be well with you. (Deut 5:33) God bless.

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Mr E said...

Amen to THAT. Sound strikingly like most of American wisdom from father's before the mid-1960's. Traditional America...where are you? Oh, wait, some of that is RIGHT HERE and thanks for contributing!

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